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Top 5 Alive With Worship Remixes!


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We've been amazed at the remixes sent our way since giving away the stems for Alive With Worship, so we wanted to highlight our top 5 remixes that YOU have made!

Back at the start of April, we released the remix stems to our 2015 song 'Alive With Worship' and asked you to rework it into something new. We also started to release a set of official remixes, where we had worked in collaboration with a number of international artists to bring a new sound to the song and to inspire everyone wanting to make their own remix. 

"I work at one of the bigger churches in Vancouver, Canada called 'Broadway Church' as the Technical Director. Our evening service that is directed to a young adult age range called 'Sunday Nights At Broadway'. The worship in this service is very upbeat and I decided to use my remix of this song as our newest countdown video." - XAND3R

We've had so many awesome remixes added to the SoundCloud group and it was hard to choose just 5 for the top remixes but these are the tracks that we just can't get enough of and wanted to make sure everyone else heard them too! These have come from all over the world and it's awesome to see people eager to remix worship material, it's also been great to connect to these artists and producers. So, in no particular order we've put the top 5 into a playlist below for you to enjoy make sure to check out their other music if you like what they've done to this track!