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Remix Roundup #1


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Last week we released the remix stems for 'Alive With Worship', and already we've had downloads, plays and remixes from all over the world, so here's a roundup of what we've received so far!

We've launched an exciting project where we're asking YOU to remix Simon Brading and Jotham Oakley's 'Alive With Worship' sung by Sam Cox and are giving away the remix stems completely for free! We've also released the first of many official remixes, starting with the brilliant Chris Howland, who took the worship song and turned it into a super tropical house anthem.

Within hours of making the remix stems available we were receiving remixes and downloads from around the world! We thought it would be great to share what's already been created in just four days, and we have so much more to come over the next few weeks!

We've loved working our way through these remixes, and love the different sounds, genres and styles that have been brought to this song so far. We've got trance, chillwave and some experimental electronica. Have a listen, and let the producers know how much you like what they've done by leaving a comment below.

We've had messages from producers in Norway, Denmark and Austria wanting to get involved and people have been listening to the remixes as far away as America, Guatemala, New Zealand and loads more! We love how eager people are to reinterpret the song and worship God in a way that resonates with them, regardless of genre or style. 

"YouTube is almost as powerful as attending a music school if you'll put in the hours to find good tutorials and digest them" - Chris Howland

The creativity we've heard astounds us and we've been amazed at how many people want to be a part of creating awesome worship around the globe. We truly see this as the start of much bigger things, we can't wait to see what else you all create with the stems we're giving away and we're so excited to share the other official remixes we plan to release in the coming weeks.

Want to make a remix but don't know how? 
Read our short how-to guide!

We still want to hear what you can create so keep making those remixes and adding them to the group and we'll have a second roundup next week!