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Newday Next

19-25? Welcome to Newday Next.

Newday Next is our programme onsite for anyone aged 19-25 coming to the event who is either part of the One Team or part of their church team.

Every morning there will be a Newday Next meeting during the main morning meeting, 9:45-11:15 in the Yth Cltr Cafe. Grab a coffee and then join us for a time of worship and teaching.

Team Leaders will make sure your shifts don't clash with the Newday Next programme, so whichever team you join you'll be able to attend.

Key info

You don't need a spacial ticket to be part of Newday Next, if you are 19-25 and are onsite you will be welcome to join the sessions.

Newday Next is part of what already happens at Newday and not a different event: you'll need to be either part of the One Team (full time or part time), or coming to help with your church Youth Group (sorry, you can't register as to come without doing one of these two things).

Sorry, if you're under 19 (age at end of August 2024), you'll need to still attend the 12-14s or 15-18s meetings.

Join us on Newday Next in 2024