The Strings Experiment


1 minute minute read

Over the last few years, I’ve lead worship now and then with either a string quartet or string section. It’s been amazing! 

Sonically, it’s been very refreshing - something different to our normal ’sound’.

Creatively, it’s pushed us to new spaces - brining new arrangements to older songs.

But most exciting has been Spiritually, it’s just drawn us to encounter God in a new way - something about that sound with a simple piano or acoustic just draws you towards God in a deeper, closer way. It’s often been very powerful.

So here's the idea...

What if we could take some of that and bring it to Newday? What if for one night, we stripped things back and just had piano and a string section?

Now this brings up a whole ton of questions and problems! So many variables that could potentially make it a disaster. But equally, it could also be heavenly.

So step one, we'd need to find any potential string players who are up for it. 

I’m thinking most violin, viola and Cello, around grade 8 standard.

After we’ve seen who’s around, we’ll take it from there... This may all come to nothing, in which case we’ve lost nothing. But worth giving it a shot…

If you play violin, viola or Cello and are around grade 8 standard (or you know someone who does…), apply here: