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2023 One Team Information


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We're so excited for Newday 2023 and are so blessed by the amazing One Team who come to help make Newday happen. If you are serving at Newday 2023, please look for your team below and take note of the time and place for your team briefing.

Team are expected to arrive onsite on Sunday 30 July during the afternoon so they are ready to start work in time (unless your Team Leader tells you otherwise. We'll all join together in the evening for a Hog Roast together and enjoy some food and fun before the week ahead.


Monday 31 July, 4.00pm, The Venue


Cafes and Sports

Sunday 30 July, 4.00pm, The Lounge



Monday 31 July, 9.00am and 3.30pm, Team Restaurant


Cleaning & Site Response

Monday 31 July, 11.00am, Team Hub



Monday 31 July, 3.00pm, Engage Venue


Kid's Work

Monday 31 July, 3.00pm, 0-2s Vice President's Dining Room, 3-4s Vice President's Pavillion, 4-7s Members' Pavilion, 8-11s City College Building


Ministry Team

Monday 31 July, 2.30pm, Pastoral Marquee (Blue Caps only)

Monday 31 July, 4.00pm, Pastoral Marquee (Red Caps & Blue Caps)



Sunday 30 July, 8.30am, outside Control Room (Control)

Saturday 29 July & Sunday 30 July, 5.00pm, outside Control Room (Day Team)

Sunday 30 July, 5.00pm, outside Control Room (Night Team)


Newday Creative

Sunday 30 July, 4.00pm, Creative Office


One Team Support

Saturday 29 July, 5.00pm, Team Hub (Team Hub team)

Saturday 29 July, 6.00pm, Team Zone Marquee (Team Zone team)



Monday 30 July, 11.00pm, Pastoral Office



Monday 31 July, 2.00pm, Back of Big Top


Pastoral Support

Sunday 30 July, 4.30pm, Pastoral Marquee


Prayer Space

Sunday 30 July, 2.00pm, Prayer Space


Site Maintenance Team

Monday 31 July, 10.00am Team Hub



Monday 31 July, 2.00pm, Engage Venue


Youth Alpha

Monday 31 July, 2.00pm, The Venue


Zone Teams

Saturday 29 July, 7.00pm, Blue Zone Host Tent