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Site Safety

On site, the church groups camping in the same zone will be looked after by its Zone Host and his team – they’ll act as the point of contact for any issues that arise, and liaise closely with all the other teams at Newday to ensure your child’s safety, 24 hours a day. They'll make contact with Group Coordinators on arrivals day, so there’ll be a friendly face in case of need.

At the gate

The showground’s main gate is staffed by our own team, who take care to ensure those under 18 remain on site unless accompanied by an adult, as well as ensuring those arriving on site during the week do so legitimately. The team also ensures traffic moves safely around site on arrival and departure days, and keeps a watchful eye on the car parks.

In an emergency

We provide First Aid cover on site and we have a Fire Officer in attendance throughout the event with appropriate arrangements made with the emergency services should an accident occur. And, of course, we make sure all sporting activities are carefully supervised with appropriate safety equipment - we complete full risk assessments for every area of Newday.

​ Wristbands

We ask everyone booked in to Newday to wear a wristband during the event. This ensures we can identify easily anyone not booked in, as well as all those who are – important in case of injury or accident. In addition, all Newday servers wear identity badges and all contractors are registered and given identity badges to wear whilst on site.

Child Protection

We have a dedicated Safeguarding Coordinator on site, whose role is to be available for advice and training, both for young people, their supervising adults and event servers. All our servers are asked to adhere to the Newday Child Protection Policy and must have a DBS check. In addition, every server must provide a recommendation of their suitability to serve from their church leader.

More information about DBS checks and personal recommendations is available here.