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DBS Process for Team

Newday DBS Process

We require all team who come to Newday to complete a DBS check through Newday. If you already did this for 2022 or 2023, or have a Newday DBS on the Update Service from a previous year, you won't need to do it again. Just pop your information in when booking.

Those joining the team for the first time will need to complete a new DBS with Newday. The DBS costs £15. This is added to your booking as an 'extra' when getting your Team Member ticket, or can be added later here.

Once you have purchased the DBS application, you will shortly receive an email with an application form to fill in: you'll need two forms of if if you are able to provide a passport and driving licence and receive a link from thirtyone:eight, or three forms if not (see info below) the information for which will need to be added to the form.

If your email comes from thirtyone:eight, you’ll need to follow the instructions to fill in your form and submit your ID for a digital check. This is the quickest and easiest way to process your DBS application, so if possible please supply a passport and driving licence.

If your email comes from Disclosure Services, once your form is submitted, please book an appointment to have your ID verified via video call with one of our team. You'll need the three forms of ID you submitted with you and will need to be able to connect with video and audio for the call. This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Use the link to see when appointments are available and select one. Please book the earliest appointment you are available for, to ensure the process is as speedy as possible.

Once you have either digitally verified your ID or we have completed your ID check, the application will be sent off. These sometimes come back immediately, but can take longer: so please do this as soon as possible!

Team will only be required to apply for a Newday DBS once as long as they also sign up for the Update Service within 30 days of their certificate being issued. Once we receive notification of this we will send you a link to do so.

Your ID

For your ID check, you’ll ideally need a Passport and Driving Licence to digitally verify your ID but if not you’ll need one form of ID from Group 1 (the other two can come from either Group 1, 2a or 2b) verified. At least one form of ID must confirm your current address and at least one document must confirm your date of birth. These MUST be the same three forms of ID as you entered when filling in the form.


  • Any current valid passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)
  • Current valid driving licence - photo card (full or provisional). UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands and EU. All Licences must be valid in line with current DVLA requirements.
  • Birth Certificate (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) - issued within 12 months of birth including those issued by UK authorities overseas, such as Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces.
  • Adoption Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

GROUP 2a - Trusted Government/State Issued Documents

  • Current valid Driving Licence - photocard (full or provisional). All countries outside of the EU. All licences must be valid in line with current DVLA requirements
  • Current valid driving licence - paper version (if issued before 1998). UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands and EU (full or provisional). All licences must be valid in line with current DVLA requirements
  • Birth Certificate (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) - issued after the time of birth by the General Register Office/relevant authority i.e. Registrars
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • HM Forces ID Card (UK)
  • Fire Arms Licence (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands)

GROUP 2B - Financial/Social History Documents

  • Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA)**
  • Bank/Building Society Statement (UK and Channel Islands or EEA)*
  • Bank/Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter (UK)*
  • Credit Card Statement (UK or EEA)*
  • Financial Statement** - e.g. pension, endowment (UK)
  • Council Tax Statement (UK and Channel Islands)**
  • P45/P60 Statement (UK and Channel Islands)**
  • Work Permit/Visa (UK) - valid up to the expiry date
  • Letter of Sponsorship from future employment provider *** (Non-UK/Non-EEA only - valid only for applicants residing outside of the UK at the time of application)
  • Utility Bill (UK)* - not a Mobile Telephone bill.
  • Benefit Statement* - e.g. Chid Benefit, Pension
  • A document from Central/Local Government/Government Agency/Local Council giving entitlement (UK & Channel Islands)* - e.g. from the DWP, Employment Services, HMRC
  • EU National ID Card***
  • Cards carrying the PASS accreditation logo*** (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands)
  • Letter from Head Teacher or College Principal*** (16/19 year olds in full time education UK only - to be used under exceptional circumstances when all other documents have been exhausted)

* - should be less than three months old

** - should be issued within the last 12 months

*** - must still be valid

If you have any questions specifically about the DBS process please email [email protected].

We annually update our Safeguarding and our Privacy Policy, which you can view online by clicking the respective link below:

View Child Protection Policy

View Privacy Policy

Don't forget you'll also need your church leader's recommendation to join a Newday team. Please forward this link on to one of the leaders in your church for them to fill in online.

You'll need this form to be filled in before arriving to Newday 2024.