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Pastoral care at Newday


Steve Horne

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One wonderful feature of Newday is the fact that we have managed to develop an amazing pastoral team over the last 15 years.

It began with a referral team (green caps) on 12 people, but has now become a team of 50 people from all around the UK and Europe, who come which lots of experience in pastoral care, We have Elders, mental health and learning disability professionals, trained counselors, people involved with supporting young offenders and young people suffering with eating disorders and self harm, nurses, teachers in pastoral roles in schools and pastoral leaders with years of youth pastoral experience. The team has built over the fifteen years partly because of the unique learning experience of working with and learning from other experts in the fields. Also the team gathering have been life changing events for everyone involved. However we are always looking to strengthen the team with more gifted and qualified people, and have it more representative of the spread of churches that Newday now attracts

The Green caps come alongside any young person/server youth leader etc who needs extra support during the event.

They work alongside and support the ministry (red caps and blue caps )

Blue Caps lead a ten of 12 Red caps. They help coordinate and support the red caps in their team. They have experience in training and leading prayer ministry or pastoral care in their local churches.

Red Caps are people who love praying for people.They have experience of praying for people in their local church. We always look to have a big a team as possible. And looking to train every year and invest in the team. So that the team become more experienced and full of Faith when they go back to their local churches, When you pray for 350 people for salvation and 300 healings that will happen. The team love to pray people through salvation prayers.

These are all supported by a Safeguarding team made up of child social workers, safeguarding elders, and mental health professional, and a Medical team of christian consultants and A+E doctors and nurses, paramedics and mental health workers.

All committed to allowing young people to be at the event who wouldn’t normally be able to be there and also keeping everyone safe when they are at the event.

We also have an amazing Engage team who look out for those who would struggle to be in the main meeting. Because of where they are spiritually or physically or mentally.

If you want to get be thoroughly equipped for local church ministry come and join one of our teams. We find that all who serve encounter God in new and wonderful ways as they serve the young people. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Steve Horne

Steve oversees Pastoral Care at Newday and is based at Emmanuel church in Brighton.