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We want to make sure everyone who comes to Newday gets as much out of the event as possible, and we have a dedicated team to help your young people do so.

If someone in your group needs specific support accessing the event due please let us know by checking the accessibility box on the it ticket when booking in, and by getting in touch with our Accessibility Coordinator via [email protected]. We'll make any reasonable adjustments we are able to make in order to help them get the most out of Newday

Here's the A-Z of Accessibility at Newday:

Accessible Activity Times

Some of our delegates may find some of the activities offered within our Cafes a little overwhelming with lots of people and noise. We will be creating space for them to enjoy the same activities during quieter periods. Many of the venues will open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5pm to 5:30pm. This will be an opportunity to browse the Depot, check out the activities in the Metaverse, grab a milkshake from the Cowshed and more!

Camping Location

Norfolk Showground is a large site and there may be a long walk for some groups who may be camping at the very north-west corner to get to the activities and particularly the Big Top for the main meetings. We therefore offer to try and locate your youth group's camping site as close as possible if you have someone within your group who may struggle with travelling long distances on foot. Equally we have some delegates or children of the Newday One Team who would struggle with the noise of the Big Top or late night activities and may prefer a site further away. Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


If you have a young person in your group who needs 1 to 1 care, we will happily give them a free ticket to the event, to care for that individual.

Car Passes

We take health and safety very seriously at Newday and we try as far as possible to keep the site car-free. However, if you require your car on site for mobility reasons please ensure you have given us the car registration number so we can print a Car Pass for you to collect from the Information Point from Monday. If you don't need to use your car to travel around the site, please don't. Thank you for helping us keep all our delegates and team safe.

Chair Passes

We are offering chair passes to delegates and leaders for certain areas in the Big Top area. If you or your young person requires a chair to sit through part or all of the meeting, please bring along a folding chair and obtain a Chair Pass from the Accessibility Point, Information Point or from one of the Stewarding Team. Please email the Accessibility team to request a pass. If a delegate requires a chair pass please also bring an extra chair along for a friend, so they can sit together. We are willing to look at risk assessments for other mobility-related chairs/stools, if necessary.

A dedicated entrance is available for those delegates who struggle to walk longer distances. This entrance will be between the top of Sports 2 and bottom of Red 6.

Times are:

Morning Meeting: Open 9:15am Close 9:25am

Evening Meeting: Open 6:10pm Close 6:25pm

It allows delegates with additional needs the time to move around the Big Top and find somewhere to sit safely at their own pace. They may bring along friends or their youth group (larger groups will need to contact us as we need to limit this number if possible). This requires an Early Access Pass, which is only available at the Accessibility Point. A youth leader is required to bring the young person along with their wristband (not tightly fastened) to the Accessibility Point to receive the pass. The youth leader will also receive a pass so they can show it for the young person if necessary. This entrance closes at 6:25pm and won’t open again until the meeting is over and will only be accessible for those with Early Access Passes to return through.

Fast Track in Cafes

We recognise that some mobility and sensory issues can arise from queuing in some of our Cafes. As last year’s trial of our Fast Track pass was successful we will be doing it again this year. This will allow a delegate with an Early Access pass to come to the designated Fast Track area and request to purchase something without queuing. They can have 2 friends accompany them.

Indoors Sports Accessibility

We will open the Indoor Sports venue, the Sports Cafe and Metaverse on Wednesday afternoon, which will provide a quieter environment for everyone to enjoy basketball, table tennis and other activities.

Medical Electric Points

Your Group Coordinator is able to request a power supply to your site marquee, but some medical devices require a dedicated power supply. If you require an electric hookup for your tent or caravan, for medical reasons, please let us know so we can order this for you.

Meeting Livestreams

Evening Meeting Livestream @The Venue: We provide a quiet venue with low lighting, called The Venue, which will run alongside the main evening meeting. It will be close to the Big Top area and a livestream of the stage will be on the screen and the volume kept at a lower level. We are hoping to create a lovely, calm atmosphere for our young people, who may need a less busy or loud environment. You won't need any kind of special pass for this venue and they are welcome to bring a friend along, but we won't be able to accommodate a large amount of youth as we'd like to keep the atmosphere as low-key as possible. We will be hosting this meeting and when they announce prayer opportunities in the main meeting, we will have some ministry team members available to support and pray for your young people.

12-14 Livestream @The Lounge: This year we are introducing a quiet livestream of the 12-14s. This will be a space open for those young people, accompanied by a youth leader or parent/guardian/carer to come and experience the 12-14s morning meeting via livestream.

15-18 Livestream @Rocksalt: As above, a quiet environment for our young people to experience the 15-18s morning meeting via livestream.

Translation, Induction Loops & BSL

Areas in the Big Top will be clearly marked out for those needing translation, the induction loop and BSL. If you have any questions about the positions of these areas, please speak with the Stewarding team. If you are a group coordinator or youth leader who needs to provide translation for your young people, please get in touch and let us know how many packs you will require. There are also Induction Loops in all venues where seminars take place.

Venue Previews

For some of our young people it may be a little overwhelming, coming to a new place and meeting so many new people. We want to offer short introductions to the venues on the Monday, if you think your young person would benefit from having a preview of the spaces they will be attending. This will mean there won't be many people around and they can explore and familiarise themselves. Please contact us if this would help you and your young person.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

You will not need to obtain a Chair Pass for wheelchairs or mobility aids. Wheelchair users are welcome to sit anywhere within the venues. Please make sure that one side of your wheelchair is next to an aisle. If you prefer, there is reserved space for wheelchairs on the side of the front left block as you look at the stage, with space for other delegates from your church to sit alongside.